Investment Casting Foundry

Lost wax technology

Investment casting of steels and special ferrous alloys.
Typically, individual parts or short series with highly sophisticated shape are processed. Preformed ceramic cores enhance casting of specific parts with internal cavities, long holes etc. Tooling may be covered and for most of the products, machining and heat treatment are also available on request. The quartz based technology is routinely applied for manufacturing components in the mass range of 5 to 500 g, but parts up to 3 kg may be offered with maximum dimensions of 300 mm.
Typical series are of 100 – 5000 pcs. per order with a maximum of 50.000 pcs/year.

Materials include plain carbon-, low alloyed-, stainless and high-alloy tool steels or even special alloys. Grey cast iron and ductile iron are also processed.

Dimensional accuracy, surface roughness and other geometrical specifications are according to the German Norm VDG P690 accuracy grade D1, or D2 for some functional dimensions.

Castings are delivered according to customer’s drawings and technical specifications. Master samples and customers own pattern dies are accepted as well, presuming they are compatible with the applied technology. The cost of tooling is quoted separately (tools are property of the customer). For special applications rapid prototyping is also available.

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Heat treatment & Surface engineering

Plasma nitriding and plasma nitrocarburizing

PLASMATERM is also specialized in heat treatment and surface engineering. With over 50 years of experience in this field, the company offers a wide range of consulting services and contract heat treating in the field of plasma nitriding and plasma nitrocarburizing. As a former research institute for heat treatment and surface engineering, specific research and technological development is offered.

Material Testing

Composition analysis, mechanical properties, metallography

Testing materials covers chemical composition, mechanical properties, metallography.

Plasmaterm inherited also the experience of a former research institute, therefore it has all the possibilities for material testing and analysis.
Test certificate with all the requested data (composition, mechanical properties, surface quality and dimensional accuracy) is issued with every delivery (standard delivery includes quality certification).
Specific tests or research projects may also be performed on request, as in-house facilities.
As Plasmaterm tries to give maximum satisfaction to its partners and customers, its team is ready to collaborate also in the product development for optimum casting shape and specifications.


Machining shop with milling, drilling, turning and other essential finishing.

Machining is applied for preparing the tools used for wax injection and to clean and prepare the parts for final destination (holes are drilled, surfaces are cleaned of debris, threads are cut, critical dimensions are machined, surfaces are polished, etc.).
In our facility we have different manufacturing workshops which complete the whole process to obtain final products, such as: stamping, mechanical machining, assembly, tooling and prototyping shops.