General terms of trade of the SC Plasmaterm SA. Investment casting foundry

  1. Based on a request the seller prepares a written, non-binding quotation.
  2. A contract is to be issued between the seller and the buyer upon the buyers written order.
  3. The tools for the production may either be presented by the buyer or they may be manufactured by the seller according to the terms of the contract. The general manufacturing time is 30-45 days after the contract date and an advance payment of 40% of the tooling costs. The remaining amount of the tooling cost will be paid after the confirmation of the test samples. The tooling cost may be included on request in the price of castings presuming the requested quantities are at least 10.000 pcs.
  4. The tools are the property of the buyer and are stored free of charge by the seller. The seller may only use the tools to produce the products ordered by the buyer and he may not give it to a third party.
  5. A test samples of the castings will be produced free of charge within 4 weeks after the tools are ready; and will be shipped to the buyer.
  6. The buyer is obliged to check the quality and dimensions of the cast samples and to inform the seller on his observations. The buyer will give free for production when all the observations and eventual modifications are correlated and confirmed. The blue print and any other technical documentation has to show clearly those modifications, which were consented by the parties.
  7. Delivery of the products will commence in 30 days after the confirmation of the samples.
  8. The price and delivery conditions are EXW; the packaging will follow according to the contract specifications. Shipment costs are charged on a separate Invoice.
  9. The buyer accepts the obligation to pay the Invoice in 15 working days after the issuing date. Transfer costs are on the obligation of the buyer.
  10. Any transaction between the buyer and the seller is considered confidential.
  11. Technical specifications on deviations and tolerances as well as surface quality are according to D1/IT14 – VDG P690 DIN. On request a premium quality may be covered according to D2/IT14, which in most of the cases covers a higher price category. For information the most important specifications are given in Appendix. Any other data or conditions are subject to the agreement or contract.

    Investment castings tolerances
    Specified by an international standard: VDG P690

    Linear Tolerances
    Nominal size
    D1 Tolerance
    D2 Tolerance
    (some functional
    to 6 ±0.15 ±0.12
    6 to 10 ±0.18 ±0.14
    10 to 18 ±0.22 ±0.17
    18 to 30 ±0.26 ±0.20
    30 to 50 ±0.40 ±0.31
    50 to 80 ±0.45 ±0.37
    80 to 120 ±0.55 ±0.44
    120 to 180 ±0.80 ±0.65
    180 to 250 ±1.20 ±0.95
    250 to 315 ±1.30 ±1.10
    315 to 400 ±1.80 ±1.40
    Tolerances for straightness, flatness, parallelity, shape
    Length of the tolerated element
    Precision class to 25 mm 25 to 50 mm up to 50 mm
    allowed difference
    D1 0.15 mm 0.25 mm 0.6%
    D2 0.10 mm 0.20 mm 0.4%
    Tolerances for angle values and right angles
    Nominal dimensions
    Precision class to 30
    30 to
    100 mm
    100 to
    200 mm
    up tu
    200 mm
    D1 allowed deviation
    minute degree 30 30 30 20
    mm / 100 mm 0.87 0.87 0.87 0.58
    D2 allowed deviation
    minute degree 30 20 15 15
    mm / 100 mm 0.87 0.58 0.44 0.44
    Surface quality according to ISO R 468, DIN 4769 and VSM 10321
    Ra [µm] Rz [µm] Rt [µm]
    N 9 6.3 23-32 25-38